Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spotlight on Irwin Hasen at NYCC

A great, funny, all over the place panel moderated by Danny Fingeroth.   Turns out that Irwin Hasen, the golden age comic artist, is hilarious.  The panel turned into a bunch of awesome older cartoonists telling stories about him,  while he interrupted them, swore, and kept yelling that he couldn't hear a thing.

Turns out the Stan who's last name I didn't know is Stan Goldberg.


No pencils here, it was all done straight in ink.  It was lovely not having to erase anything.

Inspired by pictures of my Amtgard group and the badass healer at our park, Chanharia.  We had a sphinx in a quest recently, so I added one in.

Happy Inktober y'all :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Galla Con 2012

I was invited to Galla Con at NYU by my former teacher, Dave King.  It was pretty awesome and I saw panels on LGBT in comics, women in comics, and comics publishers/publishing.  This sketch is from the Women in Comics segment.

This was my second time seeing Heidi MacDonald on a panel about "Women in Comics", and as she once said, "Those who don't know the history of women in comics are doomed to go to panels about the history of women in comics."