Thursday, May 17, 2012

Late MoCCA Review!

MoCCA 2012 was a success in a lot of ways.  A long, exhausting, crowded success of a weekend.  Jesus Loves Lesbians, Too definitely made some friends and some (hopefully good) connections.  Maria and I  sold beautiful full color comics and pink JLLT underwear, (which are still available!)

And speaking of Maria, does someone look familiar in the photograph or what? 

Maria and I in front of the very crowded table :)

JLLT shared the table at MoCCA with 5 amazing artists, so we are pointing to our corner of said table.    You can see our stylish pink silk screened underwear, which are available for $20! A larger version of the design is: 

Who doesn't like pink underwear with dogs and rainbows on it?

And our beautiful full color comics are $10.

As always, you can read JLLT online at  

Friday, May 11, 2012


MoCCA was awesome and went really well! More Jesus Loves Lesbians, Too whatnot coming soon, but in the mean time, here's some sketches I had the chance to scan today! (In no particular order).

These are from my last trip to Phili.

An oil pastel drawing of Nathaniel...I miss oil pastels!

More drawings of Nathaniel, I think we were waiting for a bus.

Drawings from an awesome potluck picnic in Central Park.

And some women on the A train who held still long enough to be drawn.