Thursday, May 17, 2012

Late MoCCA Review!

MoCCA 2012 was a success in a lot of ways.  A long, exhausting, crowded success of a weekend.  Jesus Loves Lesbians, Too definitely made some friends and some (hopefully good) connections.  Maria and I  sold beautiful full color comics and pink JLLT underwear, (which are still available!)

And speaking of Maria, does someone look familiar in the photograph or what? 

Maria and I in front of the very crowded table :)

JLLT shared the table at MoCCA with 5 amazing artists, so we are pointing to our corner of said table.    You can see our stylish pink silk screened underwear, which are available for $20! A larger version of the design is: 

Who doesn't like pink underwear with dogs and rainbows on it?

And our beautiful full color comics are $10.

As always, you can read JLLT online at  


  1. Would it be totally weird for me to kind of want a pair of underwear

  2. No, it would be extremely awesome of you! Do you want a pair of underwear? :D