Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amtgard in two pages

An assignment for my Underground Comics class, we needed to pick a subculture and do a two page comic about it.   It was a colorful and educational critique, let me tell you.   I've been playing Amtgard since I was 15, I wanted to do a dumpster diving comic, but this felt more natural.


  1. Great comic, Maggie! I forgot to ask my MICA buddies whether they saw you at MOCCA but when I walked into the studios today I noticed your business card on the table!
    Did that severed deer leg thing actually happen?!

  2. Thanks Janna <3 <3 Your MICA buddies totally saw me and we traded and they're all lovely! Can't wait to see you sometime soon, hope you're well and the end of the year is treating you well.

    And yeah the deer leg story definitely happened. In Columbia MD.

  3. I'm all about the dumpster diving comic. :)