Monday, February 27, 2012

More RAIN commissions

These are my last batch of RAIN commissions, besides the last pesky person who hasn't given us a topic yet.  Pretty exciting! I had a lot of fun with these ones.
The ninja on a bike was my choice, and I think it was a pretty good one. 

I worked on this one while listening to my boyfriend play Dungeons & Dragons over skype.  Such a fun mindset!  

This one is "love and desire", which I was avoiding, but really enjoyed working on.

And this one is a vision of timelessness.  No joke.  I was having trouble working on it in watercolor, so I stated layering over the original.  Everything but the kitchen sink ended up on this one including parts of my old socks, the bottom of a candle, and a spring.  So much fun!

Definitely check out more about the RAIN Anthology project at there are some sweet artist interviews that are worth reading.  And the final book should be printed by April, so stay tuned!


  1. Oooh, collage-y fun! It's neat to see you work with mixed media, though I love all of these! Very well done!