Monday, August 20, 2012

Sketches from Bethany Beach

My dad playing banjo.

My sister tanning and a still life of things we brought to the beach with us.

My mom sleeping.
Having cable TV for a week has always been a novelty with my family, and some Harry Potter movies were on, which I have seen very little of.  Any way, this stellar HP sketch was done by my sister and I 50/50, I love it :)

More sketches sis and I did together, we drew the nose first on all of the faces.  And the upside down bug girl at the top started out as a botched nose.

Hanging out with Rach and singing with her while she was fooling around on the uke.

My dad at the beach, trying to drink the beers left over from Chanukah.

And sketches from the rental place while my aunt was reading her short story to us.

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  1. Loving all of these beach and life drawings! You've done a really good job of capturing your family members' essence. Also, OMG, that Harry and Voldemort drawing you guys did is HILARIOUS!