Monday, November 12, 2012

Jirel Meets Magic, inks

Some of you may recall that I penciled an exert of Jirel Meets Magic by Catherine L. Moore.  Jirel Meets Magic is a Sword and Sorcery story from the 1930s that I am quite fond of, it is your standard high fantasy S&S story, but casted with mainly female characters, which gives it points in my book.  The first phase of my adaption can be seen here

And here are the inks I've been working on! Enjoy em :) I'm still trying to figure out if I should color them and if so, how/ what medium.  Any insight in that department would be greatly appreciated!


  1. They are quite nice as black & whites. I would say if you really want to color them, I would go very minimal, maybe watercolor key elements.

  2. I was considering water color! It's a definite maybe. Thanks for the suggestion, Leah :)