Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zombie Gras 3

The promo/main zombie for the event, (now available on a T shirt)!

An alternate cover I did for free comic book day last year!

This Saturday March 30th,  Zombie Gras 3 is happening! A zombie reasturant/bar crawl in Baltiomre City sponcered by Geppi's Entertainment Museum. All art for the event was done by yours truly, and I'll be there doing commissions all day and hanging with some awesome Geppi's people and old co-workers who I miss dearly. 

Come and say hi! Enjoy the cool museums, zombies, bars and restuarants, t shirts with the mardi gras zombie on it, and more stuff I'm forgetting.

Come if you can Baltimore friends! And you can read more about it at


  1. Great graphic! I don't think I can make it to the crawl, but the art is good! What else do you do?

  2. Thanks, man! I also draw the memoir web comic and do some freelance illustration. Thanks for writing in!